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Saturday, October 20, 2007



Wow cool video! I just bought the album.


1.) That video was amazing. Loved it.
2.) I hope you were kidding about the Adult Swim thing. Everyone watches that shit.
3.) I just ran out of Stick Icky. Should told me before and I would have saved some.


Travis Keller

Yeah I know everyone loves it... I've just never seen it. I dunno why I said that... I thought cartoons... and that's what came out. Sorry dude.


Cute video, but please enlighten me ~Adult swim? Sticky icky? Only in America perhaps?


Adult swim is a TV network that airs adult cartoons (and I never watch it either, I'm the minority of one who thinks it sucks).

Sticky icky is marijuana.


Cool video. Hopefully I'll be getting that album soon if my local indie store gets off their ass and orders it for me. Oh and TK, you ain't missing much with Adult Swim, those shows suck and cater to those who get their wardrobe at Hot topic.


Excellent! Love those guys.

Er, I'm in the group that's never seen anything on Adult Swim either. I think I'll survive.

Travis Keller

Forget the whole Adult Swim thing...


hahaha...there, there.

Sarah A

i loved that. wow.
especially the megaphone, and the fade out transitions, and the little knomes in the background swaying back and forth.

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