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Monday, October 22, 2007


Jackson Edge

Fucking perfect.


i'm a huge fan of verve. and i can't believe you're not calling this out as the huge pile of weak jazz/fusion meets richard trying to croon lovingly bullshit fucking crap that it is. they're old men who's lost the fuckin egde. sad really....

Neil Huxley

these guys havent lost anything - leagues better than all of the shit I hear out there at the moment - its raw, rolling and epic like Stormy Clouds Reprise. Its a return to form if you ask me.


hey neil. you think this shit is anywhere near the heights of a storm in heaven or a northen soul sessions... you're holding on too tight. 9 years wait for a weak jam session. let's be honest. this is spinal tap mark 2.

Travis Keller

ITS A DEMO DUDE! EVER HEARD A DEMO? DORK! This shit is killer for what it is... again, ITS A DEMO! NERD!

Jackson Edge

It's improv too. They are just rockin' this shit out off the cuff. Supposedly picking up their fucking instruments after all of this time and hitting record and lettiing you in to hear it. I'm probably more psyched on this than anything musicwise at the moment. Personally, I think we all should be shitting ourselves with anticipation.


i just had mexican food from a truck in east LA. when i shit, i'm going to name it ricardo ashcroft, the raw session.


im pretty pumped on this right now


strange how you fuckin critique a band just getting back together? what band are you in fucking twerp? lets hear your demo! you must live with your mother and have a small dick.


must live at home with his mother who has a huge dick?

Mani from the stone roses

this shit is probably radder when you are tripping your tits off. i'm voting for "this is still better than most of the other shite thats out today". im totally chuffed that they got back together. too bad they wont play here cept at that big festival and i dont do fucking festivals man. i do chics and weed and thats it.

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